The 2021 Pop Convergence: A Virtual Pop Conference, April 22-25th
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Harold Wheat

Minister Harold Wheat, Jr. has worked with voices and musical instruments at the performance level for more than 45 years. Viewing his gift of music as ministry in every application, he has worked with both voices and instrumentalists in college, community, church, workplace, and instructional settings. He has served as the Minister of Music at Mount Zion Baptist Church for 25 years. He taught music to children in the Just Lead Program that met at Mount Zion for a number of years. In 2019, Wheat was the music director for the production of “Red Summer”, presented by the Carpetbag Theater and ran for four nights at the Bijou Theater in Knoxville. In 2018, the lyrics to the song “To Your Glory”, written and published by Wheat, was used in the novel We Have Not Been Listening: The Darkness, by Dr. Ron Brown and published by Deep River Books. Wheat also organized the Scarboro Community Choir, which later expanded to become the Oak Ridge Community Choir. The choirs consisted of members of all races, denominations and age groups to participate in events like the Scarboro Enrichment Day, NAACP Freedom Fund events, and Dr. Martin Luther King Day celebrations that featured guests such as Alex Haley, Rosa Parks, and Dr. Benjamin Hooks, among others.